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Faster internet

Stronger Signal

without increasing your bill!

Make your home network reliable, safe and secured with AMS!

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Lagging or Slow Internet is More then Just Annoying

WI-FI has become a crucial part of our everyday lives. Whether it be work, school, or simply just for fun it is needed for so many things. This high demand can lead to many problems such as slow speeds, interrupted video calls, and delayed downloading. These problems can be incredibly frustrating and time consuming to solve on your own. Managing your network can improve your internet performance and save you money, we're here to help you do this. Just because you pay the most doesn't mean you've got the best package for your needs. All Media Services is here to help you achieve the proper internet package you need and at a manageable cost. Whether you simply just want proper internet speeds, or want to customize your internet performance by being able to view and control who uses your wifi and when they are able to use it through a router. We have a solution for any need you may have. All Media Services is here to help ensure we have happy internet users everywhere! 

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High-speed Internet

Unlimited Data 

$0 Installation Fees!

Shaw Direct 

HD Satellite TV

Canada's premier


$450.00 Credit!

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Support and Service

Free Consultation

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Learning Videos

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Product Reviews


D-Link LX1870

AX1800 Mesh

Great Buy $189.00

Mercku M2 

3000 sq ft

Easy to use app

On sale $156.00

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Mercku Hive

5000 sq ft 

Elimate deadzones

Best Coverage $414.00


Long range

Low price point​​

Great Deal $46.99

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