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Swanns True Detect PIR Thermal Sensing technology detects motion by heat, such as from people and cars, to trigger recording and push notifications. This virtually eliminates false triggers, like plants moving with the wind, to only capture events with security relevance. Get amazing detail with 1080P HD. Zoom in closer with unprecedented clarity to essential evidence such as license plates, facial features and clothing details. The 2 PRO-1080MSFB security cameras come with BNC cables and are weatherproof, built tough for the outdoors or indoors. See in the dark up to 100ft (30m) with the cameras powerful infrared night vision. The smartphone integration The HomeSafe View app ensures youll always be connected to your home or business, allowing you to see your cameras on your smartphone or tablet, live or playback, from wherever you are in the world. This 4-channel home security system suits medium-sized businesses and detached homes for outdoor and indoor surveillance.


  • Heat and motion activate the Sensor Warning Lights, helping you deter any potential intruders
  • You can connect other works with Swann Security products to create your own safe home
  • Get color video at night up with the Sensor Warning Lights up to 32ft (10m)
  • Use voice commands via the Google Assistant and Chromecast to stream video from your security cameras to your TV
  • With True Detect, motion detection is only triggered by heat-generating objects, like people and cars, which represent a real threat to your property
  • Mount cameras outdoors and enjoy the weatherproof design, IP66 rating that is built to withstand rain, shine, snow and dust
  • Set up the system to upload still images to your Dropbox account in the cloud
  • The massive 1TB HDD can store months of footage before overwriting older footage
  • Add up to 2 more cameras for a total of 4 to cover any blind spots in your property, including 3MP cameras that is 1.4x clearer than 1080p/2MP
  • Full HD 1080p resolution lets you discern important details which are essential for evidence, such as faces and license plates


  • AMS certified technicians can install this product for you. With a combined 80 years experience in the industry, we know how to get the job done right. Please inquire within.

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