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The internet is booming, creating new trillion dollar businesses. Just about everybody has purchased something or signed up online. The industry has grown so quickly that the ability to keep it moderated and safe has become one of the main problems our politicians are dealing with. The fast paced growth has also created a cybercrime business that is projected to be upwards of 6 trillion dollars for 2021. The criminals are capitalizing on our lackluster security that we may or may not have. Whether you're running a large business, an employee that works from home, play online games or just check emails occasionally, we're all at risk of being attacked. What that attack could be will differ greatly as the means and methods are ever changing by these cyber thieves. What is more relevant and important for you to know is how to best keep your networks security in the best shape possible to keep intruders heading down the road. Simple steps that can be done that will prevent possible exposure could save you a lot of time and money. Unfortunately most of our reactions to a cyber attack are reactionary, this leads to a huge back-log of problems that sometimes never seem to end. We've helped many clients figure out how to be progressive and think ahead on how to secure and insure they stay up and running and profitable. Considering how much the cost is on our society and the day in which we live, AMS clearly believes that by equipping and giving the right knowledge to our customers will not only protect you but will help make all Canada a safe and secure country to deal business in online. Sign up with AMS today and get started on your journey with us. We do offsite and onsite work. With Tier 4 level techs no matter how challenging your environment we have the tools and means to meet your needs.



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