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*By signing up with All Media Services you can save big any day but even more now! Have your own Tech just a message away and get in on the latest sales, product reviews, tech trends and support for all your computer needs. We've been serving Central Alberta 7 years and have 1000's of happy customers because we work hard for you. Thank you for all your support throughout the years.

AMS is an Alberta based Media company, We're a part of the community you live in with workers across Central Alberta. AMS has taken on an initiative to help our local brothers and sisters in business. Being a small based company can present many challenges. We know this as we've been doing this for years. 2020 has been a difficult on many fronts for all of us. Unheard of circumstances have lead to many businesses facing shut downs or very long recovery times that will mean many more years of work for them. These challenges have had a huge impact on all of us together. Local business pay local taxes, these taxes help contribute to meeting the needs of your community. Every business that keeps its doors open during this time is paramount to the recovery of our country, our province ,our towns. With the boom of the internet, computer knowledge has become a key must have in our daily routines. Sadly even more so during lockdown. AMS sees this as a glimpse into the future world and the changes being made in society. Online shopping has quickly become a mainstay. Your competition has changed from being another retailer in a neighbouring town to the big box stores selling their products directly to your customers, with social media as a springboard in the most intimate mechanism in our lives. How do we get through such an enormous task? The answers are complex and many, but the solutions need to be found today. AMS believes that our communal well being is vital. To that end we are offering our skill set to help small business's in need. AMS is offering qualifying small businesses of Alberta a place to sell their products online, reaching out into the community. Endorsing them through online media side by side against much larger rivals through search engine operating (SEO) systems and social media planning. Navigating key analytics through pixel migration and application programming interfaces(API). Technology has been used to capture our market, we're using Technology to win back, gain and keep our clients. As a new market gives rise where your not just selling to your neighbour, you're selling anywhere in the world. AMS wants to work together to establish a strong localised economy in which all business thrives. Throughout our years of experience we understand that change is not always easy, but change is needed. Working together will be needed to help make it better for us and the generations to come. Contact us today to find out more. AMS Here to Help:)

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